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Our Permanent Collection is based on the extensive and varied collection of Mr. Sam Waller. Containing over 70,000 items, the collection includes natural history specimens, human history artifacts, books and library materials, photographs and negatives, fine art pieces and the archives of the Town of The Pas. While our founder collected from the four corners of the world, the Museum now limits new accessions to those items that are pertinent to the history of the community and region. Many items from the collection can be viewed in our exhibits.

Our small Education Collection has been developed with duplicates of items in the permanent collection, in addition to items specifically donated for this collection. These items are used in our educational programming for youth and school groups. A work in progress, we are always looking to expand this collection with interesting items that can be used to tell the stories of our past. Please contact the Museum staff for more details.

From the Vault - featured items from our collection

1967 Centennial Coin Set

1967 Centennial Coin Set

This collections item is a complete set of 1967 Centennial Coins. They were designed by renowned Canadian artist Alex Colville, known for paintings such as To Prince Edward Island and Pacific. The animals chosen to be on the reverse side of the coins included, according to the Royal Canadian Mint website, “One cent coin: A rock dove, symbol of spiritual values and peace; five-cent coin: A rabbit, emblematic of fertility and new life; ten-cent coin: A mackerel, to represent continuity; twenty-five-cent coin: A bobcat, embodiment of intelligence and decisive action; fifty-cent coin: A howling wolf, to evoke the vastness of Canada; silver dollar: A Canada goose, for its dynamic serenity.” These coin designs were submitted to the Royal Canadian Mint and were accepted.  In 1968 Canadian Coinage went back to its pre-1967 designs. The Royal Canadian Mint’s 150th Anniversary coins will be appearing sometime this spring, this time with designs from various Canadians which were chosen by the public.


This artifact is preserved as part of the original Sam Waller Museum Collection.

Added: May, 2017

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