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Temporary Exhibitions

With a variety of temporary exhibits on display throughout the year, there is always something new to see at the Sam Waller Museum. Hosting five to six temporary exhibits annually, our Susan MacCharles Gallery is the place in The Pas to see museum and visual arts displays. We host an annual local art show, student art show, in-house museum exhibits, and a variety of traveling exhibits from museums in other parts of the province and the country. We also partner with the local The Pas Arts Council to bring a stunning range of visual arts exhibits to the community.

  • Gone Wild: The Artwork of Lois Pedersen - ON NOW!

    The freedom she feels when painting gives her the opportunity to go wild. The painting is done on Yupo paper which is a type of plastic. Because of this the paint or ink lays on top of the paper instead of being absorbed into it. After applying the paint or ink to the paper she manipulates it, tilting it back and forth until she is pleased with it. Some of her paintings are rather abstract with little or no suggestion as to what it is, leaving the viewer to let their imagination go wild. Other times she adds to the painting and some look rather haunting yet the viewer is still able to let their imagination tell them a story of what is going on in the shadows. Her hope is that the viewers feel some of the joy that she feels when painting them.

    Lois gratefully acknowledges the support of the Manitoba Arts Council.


Programs & Events

Whether it's an exhibit opening, a fundraising event, or a volunteer reception, there is usually an exciting event on the horizon at the Museum. Find them here:

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