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Woven Shoes

Woven Shoes

Rough sandals are made from woven straw and twine.  This type of slip-on shoe is worn today in Japan on many occasions.  Different pairs are worn for inside the house, outdoors, and on trips to the washroom. 

These sandals were used by the Japanese during World War II and were brought back from the Aleutian Islands afterwards.

JC Brown was the postmaster in The Pas for 33 years until his retirement in 1960.  He went to the Aleutian Islands during WWII (Spring 1944) with the Army as a quartermaster in the Winnipeg Grenadiers.  Their ‘6th Div’ was apparently the only Canadian unit involved in the US invasion force at Kiska.  Because he was the quartermaster, in charge of packing and supplies, he was able to ensure a number of Japanese ‘relics’ made their way back to The Pas after the fighting was over.  He returned to The Pas as postmaster and donated several of his treasures to Sam Waller.  He died in 1975.

Added: June, 2010

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