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Frechette's Dairy milk bottle

Frechette's Dairy Milk Bottle

A quart-size milk bottle of clear glass. Printed in orange on one side of the bottle is "FRECHETTE'S DAIRY PHONE 42 PASTEURIZED MILK & CREAM THE PAS". Printed in the same colour on the other side is "HI QUALITY PRODUCTS RETURN BOTTLE PROMPTLY". Frechette's Dairy was started by Nazaire Frechette after 1916. The Frechettes had moved from Quebec in 1916 to farm in the Carrot River Valley west of The Pas, but were flooded out and moved to town. Nazaire decided to buy a couple cows and sell milk for extra money. This modest venture blossomed into a fruitful business for the Frechette family. In 1952 Nazaire sold the dairy cows and in 1955 sold the processor to his sons, Marcell and John. They in turn sold to Modern Dairies in 1963.

Added: September, 2011

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