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Gateway Drugs medicine bottle

Gateway Drugs bottle

This amber medicine bottle contains Plaster of Paris from the Gateway Drugs store.  Note the Gateway Drugs logo on the bottle, which is a drawing of a large arched gateway over a town, with several train tracks coming into the town, and one going north out of the town to a port on a large body of water.  The Pas was known as the “Gateway to the North”, and this depiction was likely meant to represent the hope for prosperity that was expected of the town in 1911 (when Gateway Drugs was founded) through the building of a railway to Hudson Bay.  This railway was expected to place The Pas in a position of being the gateway through which the goods and grain from Western Canada would go on their way to Port Churchill, and ultimately Europe.  Gateway Drugs was founded by Dr. Sinclair in 1911 (one year before the Town of The Pas was incorporated, and the Manitoba provincial boundaries were extended north to include the settlement), and was later taken over upon his death in 1922 by Harry Bickford, who had studied pharmacy at the University of Manitoba and had apprenticed with Dr. Sinclair at Gateway Drugs.

Added: November, 2011

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