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Joseph Walker & Company Coin Case (PH22.72)

Joseph Walker & Company Coin Case

     The item in this installment would have been popular a century and a half ago but is non-existent today. It is an Edwardian Era coin case used during the 20th century. When coins were made of precious metals, or bullion, they had much more buying power than modern coins. Figure in inflation and other factors and a few gold or silver coins would be about all you would need for a day out. Since the coins are valuable one would not want to just carry them around just in their pockets and the perfect solution was the coin case.

     This particular example of a coin case was mass produced by Joseph Walker & Company. The business was established in 1870 however this coin case was produced in 1908 or later as the makers mark on the item corresponds with their updated mark that was registered in 1908. The company was located in Birmingham, England and produced a variety of items from trivets, candlesticks, syringes, locks, furniture and novelty items.

     The coin case is nickel plated on what is most likely bronze as the company was known for its bronze items and plating abilities. Including the clasp the item is 5cm long and 1.7cm wide. There is a button on the clasp that releases the door, similar to a pocket watch. The coin case opens vertically from a hinge on the bottom of the item. The main part of the case contains a spring loaded coin holder. As coins are pressed under the lip of the coin holder the spring is compressed and provides the necessary room while keeping enough pressure on the lip of the holder so the coins do not fall out, similar to a firearm magazine.

     This item was donated to the Sam Waller Museum on June 20, 1974 by a generous donor with ties to the community.

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