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Shriner Fez Headwear (PH2003.4.1a)

Shriner Fez Headwear

Named after the city of Fez, Morocco, the article represented the Arabian theme the founders of Shriners International founded their fraternity on. It also serves as a recognisible symbol of a Shriner’s membership in the fraternity, similar to the apron of the Masons. The fez is worn at Shriners' functions, in parades and at outings to gain exposure for the fraternity. Each member’s fez is decorated and designed by the member to show allegiance to their temple. Looking closely at a fez will reveal important information about its wearer, such as membership, special roles within the organisation and much more.

The beaded lettering on the front of this particular fez reads "KHARTUM THE PAS SHRINE CLUB". There is also a symbol of an Arabic Sword and an Egyptian crest with a silver star below it. A long black tassel is attached from the top and hangs down the side. On the right side there is a silver broach with a studded Arabic sword and a crescent below with a maple leaf in the centre. The inside has a blue liner with a label of the owner’s details.

This particular fez was produced by Dominion Regalia Ltd. out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was purchased by a member of The Pas Shrine Club and used for many years. On 28 February 2003 it was added to the Sam Waller Museum’s collection.

Added: February, 2015

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