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National Cash Register Class 1700 (PH97.12.1a)

National Cash Register Class 1700

This collection item is a Class 1700 National Cash Register. The serial number and model number are S484135FF and 1736E respectively. Both of the numbers reference the fact that the item is manufacturer rebuilt and resold in 1936. Original production would have been between 1929 and 1936 based on serial and model number. The class 1700 registers are key operated total adders with a steel cab and an electric motorised receipt printer on the right hand side. This is an upgrade from the Class 1100 which also had a motorised receipt printer but was not electric. Total adders get their name from the total daily sales readout locked under the panel facing the operator. Also under the panel is a counter keeping track of the number of transactions that day and a non-resettable counter keeping track of how many times the locked panel has been opened. This discouraged staff from resetting the sales counters and pocketing the difference as business owners could see that someone other than themselves opened the panel. The 1100 evolved from the Class 700 which in turn evolved from the Class 300. Between the keys and the cash drawer is a marble rest that would have been used to test for counterfeit coins. Coins could be hit against the rest causing a distinct sound if they were real versus counterfeit.

The cash register was used by Sam Chun, owner of a grocery store and meat market in The Pas that was located at approximately 317 Fischer Avenue. The item was catalogued into the Sam Waller Museum permanent collection in 1997.

Added: August, 2015

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