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1912 Hallowe'en Masquerade Ball Invitation

1912 Hallowe'en Masquerade Ball Invitation

This collection item is an invitation to a masquerade ball held on Hallowe’en night, 1912. The words have been printed on heavy paper, with the name of the guests’ written in pencil. The event was held at the Halcrow Hall. The text reads, in a variety of font sizes, "Under the Patronage/Of The/Mayor and Mayoress/Mr. and Mrs. H. Finger/The/Bachelors of The Pas/Request the Pleasure of/The Company of _________________/" (with Mr. and Mrs. Beaven written in) "At a/Masquerade Ball/On Hallowe'en Night, October 31st, 1912/In Halcrow Hall / Dancing at Ten o'Clock/Fancy Costumes Must/Be Worn". On the paper are a variety of images associated with Hallowe’en, including a cat riding on a witch’s broom, bats, a rat and a cauldron.

Herman Finger was the town’s first mayor, elected in June of 1912 after the town of The Pas had been incorporated in May of that year; the ball happened less than a year after The Pas was officially a town. It is not known if “The Bachelors of The Pas” was a formal, organized group. Halcrow Hall was probably a two-storey building owned by Mr. Gideon Halcrow which was built on the east side of Fischer Avenue in 1909. There was a jeweller’s store upstairs and a pool room on ground level. Mr. Halcrow would allow parties including masquerade balls to be held on these premises. The building was destroyed by fire in December 1913.

This card shows that ever since its inception, The Pas has come together to have parties and celebrate. It was donated to the Museum in 2014.

Added: September, 2016

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