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Golf Club Set

Golf Club Set

This collections item is a set of golf clubs, golf balls (not pictured) and tee along with a golf bag. The bag is made from a fabric with a brown leather handle. The bag has a leather shoulder strap with cloth padding that is quite worn. Along the side of the bag there is an accessory pocket that has a diagonal zipper – it was well used. The brand of the bag is unknown; however, it contains clubs from different brands including Thistle Irons and Mono-Flight. While the production date of the objects is unknown, the set belonged to a local couple. While there is a golf pass on the set from July 1, 1986, they were primarily used here in The Pas in 1940s and 1950s at The Pas Lumber Company Course which was located at the end of First Street. This golf course was possibly a six-hole course. Interestingly, during the 1948 flood cattle were pastured on the golf course “and every other vacant lot with grass” according to the local history book. Today the local golf course is located just west of town and is known as Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Club.

These collection items were donated to the Sam Waller Museum in 2010.

Added: July, 2017

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